Suggestions for the Freshman Year

After some research, I put together a list of suggestions that will help prepare you and your child for graduation.  These are some things that I wished I would have done when my first-born was a freshman–it would have made her junior/senior year so much more enjoyable!!  

  • Provide classes that are designed to prepare your child for college;
  • Suggest your child research careers that interest them.  Learn what preparations they can make during the high school years;
  •  Research a few colleges that you/your child are interested in.  Learn what their entrance requirements are and take those into consideration as you progress thru high school
  • Have you child take the PSAT for practice.  NOTE:  This test is only offered one time per year during the month of October.
  • Sign-up with the college board online. (  They will send frequent emails to both you and your child–helping to keep you on track while working towards graduation;
  • Keep accurate records of classes, grades, honors/awards, credits earned as well as community service, employment and outside activities;
  • Create a transcript;
  • Create a good a reliable ‘back-up’ system for all high school records and transcripts.  If your computer crashes, you’ll still have all your data–we learned this thru experience;
  • Consider financial situation as the high-school years (and beyond) can get expensive!!

~Enjoy the journey…


About Angela

Wife. Mom to 3. Home educator since 1995. Going back to school to become a nurse. All this made possible by God...
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